Hey guys, gals and pals,

The Archaeological Box is a Canadian website that has jobs postings, field schools, photos, articles etc. They are pretty great! They also have an online shop called the Trowel Shop which sells good quality archaeology supplies (trowels, line levels, flagging tape, hard hats etc). Unfortunately, over the last five years, their sales have been less than stellar and they’ve decided to bow out gracefully and shut down shop. This means that they are liquidating all remaining merchandize and are CURRENTLY having a sale. The site ships all around the world and the prices are decent. It’s especially great for Canadians because shipping isn’t insane and if you happen to live in Montreal, you can go pick up your purchase in person for FREE! Also, the site is francais/english bilingual! 

Visit their website, and today only use the code MARCH92013 to receive 20% all items!

I just snagged a marshal town for 5 bucks. Awesome possum.